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I control about 4.5 million dollars’ worth of rental real estate with almost no cash invested personally (as a PIC member)…Sunil has been my greatest asset

Chris Bida
Pharmacist, Real Estate Investor

I knew that kind of guidance was crucial to helping me achieve my dreams. Sunil agreed to provide me that help…couple years later I had over $100,000 in equity

Doug Ewers
CEO of Ewers Investments Inc & Ewers Online, Real Estate Investor

I’m proud to say I’m Sunil’s 4th millionaire

Praba Sockalingam
CEO of Prabaharan Wealth Institute, Real Estate Investor

Hired Sunil as a mentor and made $330,000 within the first 22 months

Robert Elder
Founder of REIA Club, Real Estate Investor

I have 51 properties worth 10 million US and gross rent of $800,000 because of Sunil

Anil Walia
Former Engineer, Commander in the Indian Navy, Real Estate Investor

The first two sessions with Sunil were worth 1o times, Sunil is a world class mentor

Eric Carpenter
Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

At HEC University Sunil did an amazing job…he’s a real estate expert and one of the top speakers in the world.

Nils Edelma
Real Estate Investor

Sunil is a super hero…I’ve built a real estate portfolio…of over a million and now I’m doing my mentorships

Howard Lau
Founder of the Hay2Brick Real Estate

I’m happy to be PIC’s 14th Millionaire…thank you Sunil

Mike Burgess
Real Estate Investor

Thanks to my mentor Sunil Tulsiani, I recently bought a property to flip where I expect to make $2,000,000

Tracey Fines
Founder of Tracey Fines- Homes, Property Expert
Join us for the Capital Raising Bootcamp February 27, 2021