Rob Provenzano

As a Producer I work with some of the best speakers in the industry, so I’m not easily impressed – Sunil totally blew me away!

I expected him to have a tremendous grasp of Real Estate Investing, but his ability to simplify complex concepts and break them down so everyone could understand them was masterful. Then he was able to wrap everything into a system that anyone could follow and achieve success with – as several of his advanced students provided testimonial to.

Sunil regularly checked in to make sure everyone could follow what he was teaching – he connected with his audience every step of the way, we never felt talked down to, and he made it a totally safe and comfortable learning environment – while adding tremendous value and sharing information that is normally reserved for the ultra high priced boot camps.

In addition the training Sunil provided on how to attract clients was worth the price of admission alone – even if you have no interest in being a Real Estate Investor.

I would highly recommend you do whatever you have to do to be at Sunil’s next seminar!

(Rob was with another company when working with Sunil at Private Investment Club)