Chris Bida

I have had the good fortune to have met and be mentored by Sunil, thru P.I.C, the Private Investment Club. When I first started my mentorship program with Sunil, I had no or little experience with real estate. Since starting his coaching program and regular sessions, I have found my real estate knowledge base grow and have developed enough courage and education to branch out from my regular profession and by 5 properties, which include discounted properties, passive cash flowing properties and right now I am about to close on an awesome passive deal that required almost no money down from me!”

All I can say is that I too was once skeptical about Sunil and my future in Real Estate Investing, but today, five properties later, I can vouch for Sunil’s integrity, and look forward to each mentorship session to see what nugget of information I can learn from Sunil and use to increase my portfolio of money making properties.

You can sit around wishing you had tried something new to change your life, or you can call Sunil and start down a path that will change your life and lifestyle forever!

(Chris was Sunil’s client)