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They say it’s the books you read and the people you hang around with that determine your success. While many people talk about obtaining greater wealth, few actually do, and I applaud you for investing in this book and in yourself. As you may know, putting a book like this together is not an individual sport: it requires a team. In this case, it took about 3 years of effort to produce this book by over 35 people, including Robert G. Allen, Kevin Harrington, contributing experts, the publishing team, the marketing team, the editing team, the designing team, and the Private Investment Club (PIC) team.

#1 International Best Seller

Learn From Robert G. Allen, Kevin Harrington and Sunil Tulsiani in this best selling book.

Over 35 Leaders Sharing Their Secrets

Learn From over 35 people who have gathered to share their secrets to attaining wealth

Learn To Attain Wealth

Each Chapter reveals another path that you may take and learn from to become wealthy

​Word of the author

Every chapter in this book is designed to help you achieve massive wealth.

In fact, if you implement the ideas and strategies presented, your chance

of becoming financially independent is almost guaranteed.

My goal, alongside Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, is to make 100

millionaires at the PIC and help people live the abundance lifestyle.

I truly look forward to reading your success story in the near future and

hope to see you at my seminars, millionaire masterminds, and trainings.

To your massive success!


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