What People Say About Us

  • If you are looking for a real estate mentor, then no one is better than Sunil. He is an amazing trainer and […]

    Zahid Naseer

    Clinical Researcher & Data Manager

  • We had the pleasure of inviting Sunil as a Keynote Speaker to our social networking event “Lioness Success Academy”.
    During his appearance […]

    Veronika Barbakadze
    Veronika Barbakadze

    Lioness Woman`s Club

  • Sunil is one of the best Speakers/Mentor/Author, and above all else a person with unbelievable integrity.

    (Tony was Sunil’s […]

    Tony Miano

    Real Estate Investor-Landlord Expert-Landlord/tenant relations

  • Sunil has wealth of expertise in real estate investing that you don’t see from many other “gurus”. He is constantly on […]

    Thyrone Cameron
    Thyrone Cameron

    Director, Customer Service, Green Life Water Corp.

  • Sunil is one of those rare individuals that is both an expert in his field and one who can be completely trusted […]

    Terence Bower

    Business Growth Consultant

  • Sunil Tulsiani’s life coaching & mentoring is invaluable. With his help, I have learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues […]

    Tej Sangani

    Real Estate Expert

  • I have been in touch with Sunil Tulsiani with regards to Real Estate investing. He has provided me with some valuable insights […]

    Tehani Mott

    Project Manager

  • I would like to thank Sunil Tulsiani for his ongoing support for our rising company Lady Tais. It was a pleasure having […]

    Taisia Novakhova

    President and CEO, Lady Tais

  • Sunil is a talented guy with a love for people which makes him a real asset to those who know him. I […]

    T M "Tim" Stafford

    Consultant & Author & Speaker & Internet Radio Producer

  • I just had my coaching session with Sunil and no wonder people refer to him as the Canada’s #1 real estate […]

    Sylvia Lau
    Sylvia Lau

    President, Real Estate Investor

  • I attended membership meeting Sunday Nov. 3rd 2012. I am a member of PIC and this was my first meeting as I […]

    Susan Manning
    Susan Manning

    CEO, Felton Investments

  • His knowledge in the real estate arena is quite impressive. Sunil is a highly intelligent motivated business man and he continues to […]

    Suniel Sahi
    Suniel Sahi

    Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Canada

  • Sunil is an honest, trustworthy and an amazing Mentor. Having Sunil as a coach is the best thing I did. He truly […]

    Shahzad Ahmed
    Shahzad Ahmed

    Broker of Record/Marketing Director, Exclusive Investment Realty Inc., Brokerage

  • Thank you, Sunil, for the mentorship that you have provided to me over the years. I have learned a lot from you […]

    Sadhana Sabharwal
    Sadhana Sabharwal

    Law Clerk & Real Estate Investor

  • Sunil is a good public speaker with rich investment knowledge in real estate.

    (Ronald was Sunil’s client […]

    Ronald Huang

    Senior IT expert & Real Estate Investor

  • Sunil has one of the most powerful and profitable real estate systems for real estate investors of all walks of life. Whether […]

    Robert Allen

    Managing Director, Bramptonian Group

  • Just read Sunil’s book The Success Secret.
    Filled with rich content on how to build a solidly profitable Real Estate Investing […]

    Robert Allen

    Managing Director, Bramptonian Group

  • As a Producer I work with some of the best speakers in the industry, so I’m not easily impressed – Sunil totally […]

    Rob Provenzano

    Totally Awesome Events Ltd.

  • Sunil Tulsiani is an amazing Leader, Mentor and a Real Life Coach. Sunil has helped hundreds and thousands of people from all […]

    Rinay Chand
    Rinay Chand

    Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Real Estate Canada

  • A professional police officer. A successful real estate investor. A good friend. Keep up the great work!

    (Ray worked directly with Sunil […]

    Ray Kulchysky

    Real Estate Sales Representative, Royal LePage & Retired Police Sergeant

  • For as long as I have known Sunil his ability to rise to the top of any situation has inspired me. Sunil […]

    Randy Ramadhin

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager & Strategy Expert

  • Sunil has written this amazing book with Jack and all I can tell people is wow! The accomplishment of such an amazing […]

    Randy Ramadhin

    Real Estate Portfolio Manager and Strategy Expert

  • Having heard Sunil speak at a number of events, I would say that he is amazing. With his unique style, he is […]

    Ramesh Sangani

    Real Estate Expert

  • Sunil is an expert in Real estate Investments and also a major inspiration for many investors in Canada. I attended few PIC […]

    Pranesh Alavandar
    Pranesh Alavandar

    Test Lead, IBM

  • I attended numerous events offered by Sunil’s Private Investment Club. Sunil is a dynamic speaker very knowledgable in Real Estate Investments […]

    Oleg Pereslegin

    VP Risk Manager, Citi Cards Canada & Founding President of Canrus Group Inc.

  • Sunil Tulsiani is the creative genius and Real Estates Investment Guru that I’m lucky to have as my mentor. Not only […]

    Nyanuwufio Jean-Paul Attiogbe

    Business Start-up Coach & International Market Developer

  • Sunil Tulsiani is a gem! The man is a classic rags to riches success story, the kind that pre-Obama America used […]

    Nicky Billou

    Thinking Coach, Finish Line Thinking

  • I had an opportunity for a one on one meeting with Sunil and the information and suggestions that he passed on to […]

    Nadia Pellegrino

    Intelligent Property Solutions Inc.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Sunil. People always remember those who they easily connect with and Sunil is an […]

    Mike Blair

    CEO, HWT

  • Sunil is a brilliant entrepreneur who sees things in a unique light as he meticulously assembles each deal he works on. I […]

    Michael Yosher
    Michael Yosher

    Financial & Real Estate Facilitator

  • If you’re able to make it to one of Sunil’s training training, I recommend you do so!

    Sunil has trained […]

    Melody Christie

    Co-Owner, TheMalaysian.com & Online Business Specialist

  • Sunil Tulsiani is a wonderful mentor and coach. He is dedicated and committed to helping others succeed. He is very patient but […]

    Maria Alfano

    Senior Managing Director, GTA Capital Partners

  • Sunil treats all his PIC members as his family, and does what one would have done for their immediate family. My dealings […]

    Manoj Jagtiani

    Distribution and Retail Professional

  • Sunil is at the top of his field and research. Great individual to know in real estate findings,investments, and deals.

    (Lucy […]

    Lucy Drumonde
    Lucy Drumonde

    Owner, www.ArtDog.ca & Cartoonist & Illustrator & Webdesigner

  • I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by Sunil and I was inspired by his humility, generosity and his excellent people […]

    Lorna Blake

    International Life Coach & Speaker

  • I first knew Sunil as my coach/mentor, having won one year free training in a raffle. How lucky am I, to […]

    Larry Cooper

    Founder, Toronto Finance Network

  • I always enjoy working with Sunil. He is business-like, experienced, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. Always a pleasure to […]

    Kenneth Cohen
    Kenneth Cohen

    Barrister & Solicitor

  • I first met Sunil a couple of years ago. It was a unique situation as he offered to mentor me for free […]

    Justin Akinsara

    Creative Solutions Consultant, JAK Global Solutions Inc.

  • As a new investor getting into real estate, Sunil has been one of my biggest mentors and I am constantly reading or […]

    Jordan Holmes

    Student, Redeemer University

  • I had a chance to see Sunil speak at the Toronto Investor Forum 2013 and was highly motivated to go out and […]

    Jolene Tisdale

    Realtor & Investor

  • Sunil and his team have helped me to start my Real Estate Investment career. I have purchased 1 1/3 cash flowing […]

    John Abbott

    Senior Analyst, CGI Inc. & Real Estate Investor & Upcoming Author & Toastmaster

  • I want to thank you Sunil for helping me get a great cash flowing property and teaching me how to make a […]

    John Abbott

    Senior Analyst, CGI Inc. & Real Estate Investor & Upcoming Author & Toastmaster

  • Sunil is a big inspiration in my real estate investing career. His training is very helpful and his books are filled with […]

    Jo King
    Jo King

    Real Estate Investor, Willow Stream Investments LLC

  • Sunil is a very accomplished real estate investor who is widely admired for his accomplishments and generosity. Starting out as a blue […]

    Jo Amick

    Executive Director, Investor Alliance Asset Management Group

  • Sunil Tulsiani is a dynamic presenter and trainer. Attended an event few years ago we have had many entrepreneur conversations on business […]

    Jim Pagiamtzis

    Speaker & Community Manager

  • I’ve met Sunil at the 2013 Toronto investor forum. He is an exceptional speaker who has a great capacity to motivate […]

    Filip Matovina

    Real Estate Investor

  • Participating in Sunil’s seminars and meeting him personally had a great impact on my life. What I learnt from him was […]

    Evgeny Kamenskiy

    Mortgage Agent

  • The Amazing Sunil Tulsiani, there is not enough paper to say all his tremendous attributes he has and the amazing things he […]

    Douglas Ewers
    Douglas Ewers

    CEO, EWERS Investments Inc

  • I have known Sunil for almost 4 years now and all I can say is that, he is a real deal. I […]

    Doug Jordan
    Doug Jordan

    Manager, Gulfland Holdings LLC

  • Sunil has been very inspirational with his diverse experience and expertise particularly in Real Estate Investments. At a young age, Sunil has […]

    Darren Pham

    Coordinator, Pham Learning Centre

  • I first met Sunil at the Investor Forum 2013. I listened to his presentation and subsequently met him for a one on […]

    Danny Ong
    Danny Ong

    Sales Representative, Atlas Wholesale Inc.

  • Sunil is a motivating and motivated individual as focused on your success as he is on growing his own portfolio and expanding […]

    Curtis Daboll

    President, D & L Property Ventures Ltd.

  • I attended the PIC meeting on November 3rd – Sunil is a well rounded speaker able to motivate and influence many. I was […]

    Coire Russel

    Sales Eexecutive, FLS Transportation Services, Inc.

  • I have had the good fortune to have met and be mentored by Sunil, thru P.I.C, the Private Investment Club […]

    Chris Bida

    Bida Pharmacist Professional Corporation

  • Sunil comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients.
    I admire him for his […]

    Carl White

    Founder, The Marketing Animals

  • I had the great pleasure of working with Sunil as my real estate investment coach. In just my second session with him […]

    Brian d'Eon

    Supply Chain Consultant & Real Estate Entrepreneur

  • Sunil has proven to be a very reliable partner, dilligent, very focused on achieving gis goals. His level of expetise commands respect […]

    Bogdan Marzewski
    Bogdan Marzewski

    Mathematics Teacher & Public Speaker & Real Estate Investor & Mentor and Upcoming Author

  • Sunil Tulsiani’s and Jack Canfield’s newest book: The Success Secret, is a fantastic resource book now available.
    Over the years […]

    Bogdan Marzewski
    Bogdan Marzewski

    Mathematics Teacher & Public Speaker & Real Estate Investor & Mentor and Upcoming Author

  • I am an event producer and just recently joined Sunil’s exclusive 10K mentorship program. I just had my couple of mentoring […]

    Bob Carr

    Co-Founder, Totally Awesome Events Ltd & Musicologist & Speaker

  • Sunil is a straight shooter who puts his cards on the table and tells it like it is. Sunil quickly gets to […]

    Benjy Katchen

    Vice President, Deposits at Home Trust Company

  • I have enormous respect for Sunil Tulsiani.

    He is a natural leader: amazing trainer, well connected and a world class Mentor.

    He […]

    Andrea Alonzo
    Andrea Alonzo

  • Just read your book with Jack Canfield and it’s amazing how you purchased 77 properties in your first year alone. You […]

    Andrea Alonzo
    Andrea Alonzo

  • Sunil is a true visionary and entrepreneur with a desire for “win/win” relationships. On every project we’ve worked together, he […]

    Aaron Hoos



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